The Best Hiking Pants for Your Next Adventure

Your legs are your engine out on the trail and, as such, they deserve the same kind of comfort and protection you give to your feet. That's why a pair of the best hiking pants are a great addition to your hiking arsenal.

Not everyone likes to hike in pants versus shorts, but there are some definite benefits. For one, they cover up your hiking boots so that less dirt and debris can get in there when you're hiking on loose or rocky terrain. That means fewer stops to take off your hiking backpack, sit down, undo your shoes, and clear them out before you can continue on the trail. But, hiking pants also protect your legs from cuts, scrapes, and sunburns.

Fortunately, there are plenty of hiking pant options for you to choose from. And this guide provides buying criteria pants on the market. So let's get started!


  • The ladies' pants are designed for spending long days at your favorite climbing spot, but they're also great for getting you down the trail to access that spot. Because they're made of organic cotton, they're softer and provide a little more insulation than some other hiking pants. They're made with elastic cuffs on the ankles to keep them snug on more technical trails and a drawcord waistband that keeps them secure even if you have to wear them multiple times between washes. These are possibly the most versatile pants on this list as they're well-suited to bouldering, sport climbing, hiking, or relaxing around the house.

  • Every hiker needs a solid pair of rain pants in their arsenal, these full-zip rain pants for hiking fit the bill for hiking in that area. They boast two-and-a-half layers of laminate waterproofing material to keep moisture out and keep your legs dry. That also makes them windproof when you summit high mountain peaks on particularly breezy days.These pants are lighter and more affordable, and they're also made with more environmentally-friendly materials.


  • If you've been looking for a pair of hiking pants that can also be worn daily (when they're clean), we recommend checking out the. They're finished with a durable water repellent treatment that sheds light rain and also makes these pants more stain-resistant. You have the option to secure these hiking pants with an adjustable drawcord or a belt. And the gusseted crotch and articulating knees combine with adequate stretch so these pants don't restrict your movement on the trail. We like how the blend of nylon and spandex provides a great blend of abrasion resistance and breathability on hot days.
  • These high-waisted hiking pants are the closest thing to yoga pants that you'll find for hiking. But where yoga pants aren't as durable as your typical hiking pants, these tights feature abrasion-resistant panels that also breathe well to keep you cool. They also feature softshell fabric that provides added shape support while improving their overall durability. The jersey fabric also stretches just enough, wicks moisture away, and dries quickly if you run into an unexpected rain squall. If you want to use these pants for a quick hike or even a trail run, there's a zippered pocket on the left side that's perfect for a key. And on the opposite side, a stretchy pocket provides just enough room for your phone and keeps it from jostling around while you're hiking.