5 Methods: Becoming a Hassle-Free Camper

There are a number of things that can mean the difference between a disgruntled outdoorsman and a happy camper. Make sure you don't get left out in the cold with these tips for staying warm, dry and well fed while outdoors.

  • Stay Dry

Modern outdoor gear makes inclement weather almost irrelevant when it comes to camping. If you're prepared, you can still enjoy your outing come rain or shine. Here are a few things to carry just in case the weather turns:Rain jacket: It's lightweight, waterproof and something you should carry even if rain isn't in the forecast.

Extra socks: Always bring extra socks so you can slip on a dry pair at the end of a wet hike or a wet day.

Extra shoes or boots: If one pair gets wet, you'll have a backup pair for hanging out at camp.

Tarp and bungee cords: To sling up over the main area of camp so you have a dry place to hang out.

Trash bags: To cover your backpack or use as rain ponchos.

  • Stay Warm

A warm camper is a happy camper. In fact, it's more important to stay warm than it is to stay dry. If you suspect you'll be camping in the rain or cold, bring extra layers with the right material to keep your body temperature up. Good base layers—top and bottom—wick moisture away from the skin and work with your body to regulate your core temperature.

  • Stay Well Fed

Unless you're backpacking, there's no reason to skimp on good food. Be sure to bring full meals, hearty snacks and plenty of campfire beverages to fuel all of your outdoor adventures.

  • Stay Comfortable

Be the envy of your camping crew with a few plush bedtime supplies.

Pillows: Forget about bundling up a pile of clothes to use as a makeshift pillow. Bring your favorite pillows from home.

Extra blankets: Spread them out on the tent floor for extra cushioning or use them as extra layers on cold nights.

Air mattress: Treat yourself to a cushy bed. A lot of air mattresses—single and double—will fit right inside your tent. Just be sure to make sure it fits before your trip.

  • Stay Inspired

Memories from previous adventures are big motivators for future trips. Here are a few ways to ensure every camping trip is an inspiring one:

Create a bucket list: Base your camping trips around the places you've always wanted to visit in the U.S.

Explore: Hike a scenic trail, canoe on a nearby lake, rent bikes, go for a horseback ride.

Try new things: Sign up for activities that the region is known for: Headed to Yosemite?