5 must-haves for hiking
Whether you're a professional or a first-timer, nothing quite compares to the view from a mountain top or discovering a hidden waterfall at the end of a tough trail! Hiking is one of the most refreshing experiences to get down to earth and explore the scenery - how it's supposed to be. You'll be in awe of the plunging valleys, the clarity of the air – that's nature for you.
So no matter what the adventure expedition may be or your experience level, it's important to have the right gear. Believe it or not, just five items hold the key to an effortless and enjoyable hike!
  • Water Bottle
No matter what the season or the difficulty level of the hike, having H20 at the ready is a must have. Ensure you have a water bottle that is impact resistant and easy to open to avoid any interference during your hike.
  • Backpack
A backpack is the easiest item to pack, grab and go on a hike. The size of your bag depends on the length of your trip.
  • Money Belt
Avoid carrying smaller, important items such as your keys, phone and money in your pockets or hands. Even as a professional hiker, having excess items that may weigh down your pockets can really interfere with your hike. We recommend using a hands-free storage option such as a money belt when you're on the go.
  • Trekking Pole
Whether it's an overnight expedition or an all-day trek, one of the most underrated hiking essentials is a trekking pole. These adjustable walking poles are great for taking the extra stress off your knees by absorbing any shocks during long descents and improving your balance on hard and soft grounds.
  • Hiker Tent
An overnight hike can be daunting, but it's also often the most rewarding. Think early morning sunrises from above the clouds and cotton candy sunsets along the horizon... you really get the best views! As a hiker, you want to avoid carrying a tent that is bulky and with a lot of weight to it. We recommend a lightweight and compact option easy to carry, whilst still providing strength with space.