Outdoor Activities to Try Out this Fall

Autumn is coming and it’s time to take advantage of cooler temperatures during this time of the year and spend some time doing fun fall outdoor activities like going to the beach, hiking, camping, fishing, gardening or apple picking before it gets too cold in winter.

  • Apple picking

Go apple picking. Hit your local orchard and spend the day appreciating your harvest as you enjoy the fresh air and feel excited as you get to pick your own apples. Munch on them or make pies or marmalade, the choice is yours!

  • Take up gardening.

Aside from tidying up your home and and raking the leaves in your yard over the weekend, try planting some bulbs in preparation for spring next year. Some people find this hobby relaxing and enjoy spending time tending to their garden. You can try planting tulips, buttercups or daffodils and this way, you’re not only discovering your gardening skills but you’re also beautifying your residence.

  • Volunteer in the community.

During your free time, there are various things you can do to prepare your home for the winter. But not just your house and yard, you can also offer assistance to your neighbors who are elderly who don’t have family members to help them with household chores. Clean the gutters, caulk their windows and doors as fall outdoor activities or help them tidy up their yard if they seem to be unable to tidy them up.

  • Take a bike ride.

A simple workout like biking along the beach or countryside can be so relaxing. The cool air and leaves falling creates a scenic view that makes you want to take your bike on ride around the neighborhood, along the lake or mountains.

  • Go on a hiking trip.

Hit your local trails or parks when you get the chance but if you do have extra days off, take a road trip with your friends or family and get a sense of a different trail and landscape.