Survival camping

Survival camping is a taste of living with the very basics and using available resources judiciously away from the confines of closed walls. Though we do not think of it as such, our professional and personal lives are often dotted with such situations which require you work of limited options. In a survival camp, one learns to use camping gear and travel with essentials. Along with a tiny dose of self-discipline and developing the ability to manage on your own in challenging situations, this adventure in nature is one of the best ways to experience nature at close quarters as well.

Learning the basics of surviving the great outdoors involves many skills. From the knowledge of knowing where to obtain food in the wild, emergency medical treatment to working as a team, this camping will allow you to experience the thrill of living far from the generally well-accustomed urban settings where we have access to dedicated resources for these. It is a wonderful means to build on innate ingenuity and learn from experienced guides. It leaves you refreshed with an improved ability to think and act quickly.

Away from boring routines, camping is a chance to be with nature at the deepest level. Ample opportunity to interact with fellow team members improves camaraderie and is a definitive way to leave behind personal biases and prejudices and get to work towards a common goal. It brings welcome chances to unwind and soak in the simple pleasures of outdoors. Bringing you a step closer to appreciating and better utilizing what you have, be it work, studies or other resources, be it in the wild or everyday life.

Skills such as living under makeshift shelters or cooking or procuring their own food make one self-reliant. It focuses on living with essentials and is a fun exercise in teamwork as it requires making the best of individual talents as a group. An excellent opportunity for those who like adventure and learn skills like determining a good camping spot, learning to appreciate and live with other life forms, reading directions while doubling up as a refreshing break from the daily grind.

A wonderful array of activities requiring varied levels of physical and mental exertion for corporate gatherings, family getaway, school picnics or other informal congregations. Far from the daily grind, get to know another side of you and your team through umpteen such options.