What are the benefits of spring camping?
Many people wait and wait for the hot summer heat to go forth and camp. While the summer does offer many great camping experiences, it is not the only time to do it. In fact, spring offers some unique camping opportunities that you should not miss out on.
Most people wait for the summer, so when you do go out and start camping in the spring, especially early spring, there will be less crowds. This is a great time to check out super popular locations without having to deal with all that traffic.
Because there are less crowds, less demand, you will often find better deals for things like campgrounds and plane tickets. This means getting to super popular places like National Parks is cheaper than usual. This way, you don't have to break the bank to take your family to places like the Grand Canyon.
Insects are always going to be a big hassle. Either because of them bothering you, or when you have to slather on pound after pound of repellent. Either way, insects are a pain. But in the spring most species of insects are still in their winter rest and haven't started exploring and bothering people. Obviously, each location is unique, but in general you will find fewer insects in the early spring.
Most of spring you will find nice and warm days with cool and relaxing nights. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing activities. You want to hike for long hours? Even if you don't want to maximize the weather, waking up in the cool, brisk morning, enjoying the warm, sunny days, and getting close to fire in the clear and relaxing nights spells a great time outside.
Spring is when a lot of plants, especially flowers, start to wake up and bud. This can make some locations beyond beautiful, beyond unique. It can seem like a story. If you are into hiking, photography, or just peaceful exploration, Spring time is the perfect time.
The taste of the air is just better in the spring. It has a crispness, a sweetness. This adds an aura of comfort, enjoyment to everything you do. Camping is full of little things, especially the little things that are hard to define. This is one of those things that just makes your experience better.
Spring time is great for camping and hiking. During the spring you will encounter a unique experience, a different feel to everything you normally do. And the world of Spring opens even more things for us to try.