What kind of tent suits you?
Whether you're planning for your next adventure, camping for the first time or just looking for an upgrade, selecting the correct tent can be rough. Even some of our most experienced campers come to us trying to work out whether they're better off opting for space or convenience, or whether appearance or practicality should take precedence… The truth is, there's no one-size-fits-all, so to help you choose the right tent for your next trip we've put together a tent-checklist.
  • Who are you sharing with?
If you're bunking apart, or with friends and family, you need to consider the space each person will need inside the tent – along with their belongings. Nobody wants to be put in the corner! Having enough space is a luxury you shouldn't skimp on. Our recommendation is to always plan with an additional person in mind to create that little-added space. No matter if you have a family of five or pitching a tent solo, price shouldn't draw you back from the right choice. You'll kick yourself if the one you pick dampens your experience.
  • Where are you camping?
Every location comes with unique weather conditions. Whether you're heading to the seaside, hinterland, outback or snowfall, the type of tent you pick will either increase or decrease your comfort. A lot of campers make the mistake of thinking their tent is more versatile to the conditions than it truly is. For warmer locations, you'd need to ensure some breeze coming in and out of your tent. We recommend a lightweight tent with a mesh window system in this case.

  • How are you travelling to your camping location and for how long?

Don't make things tough for yourself. Portability is one of the most important considerations ahead of your camping trip. If you're planning on travelling on foot or bike to your destination, a lightweight tent with minimal design will reduce the level of bulkiness.

  • What else to believe?
Give yourself the best chance at making the right choice with plenty of research, prep and talking to specialists about anything you're unsure of. There's nothing wrong with seeking help, in fact, we encourage it! Before acquiring your tent, think about the who's, where's and how's. This should help narrow down what's in it for you. Once you've got yours selected out, we recommend having a go setting it up in your backyard. This will help prepare you for the assembly and disassembly, as well as confirming your choice and giving you peace of mind.