5 aspects of glamping
We've always said, camping can be glamorous if done right. Think style, stars and champagne over a campfire… Like many, camping is something we like to do on our own terms. So to help you create your very own glamping escape, we've put together a fast rundown of the top things you need to keep in mind to bring it to life.

  • Find the right spot

The beauty of creating your own experience is that you can pick and choose the right spot for you. From oceanfront, hinterland or country, the outdoors is your oyster. All it takes is a little research to pick the perfect backdrop for your picturesque escape. No matter where you choose to establish your basecamp, there'll no doubt be unique challenges and opportunities that come your way. So it's essential to think ahead and create a checklist of things you need to know and bring along.

  • ​Choose a lush tent
Without a doubt, the key to a great glamping trip is your tent. You will want something spacious, comfortable, and of course durable. You never know what the weather will have in store, right? Another thing to mention is size – because it clearly matters on this adventure. Whether you're travelling with friends or family and need that extra space, or travelling solo and need something compact, the size of your tent will either make or break your glamping set up.

  • Furnish with Instagram-worthy threads

Now for the fun part… Your home away from home is not complete without some picture-worthy decor. Set the interior scene with pillows and create the feel of extra rooms with mattresses, chairs and tables. One of our favourite ways to build the mood and set the vibe is decorating the outside and inside of your tent with fairy lights, candles and lanterns. Adding your personal style with finishing touches like these always takes the experience to the next level.

  • ​Gear out your kitchen

This is where your inner foodie can come out to play. One of the key things we like to keep in mind when setting up our outdoor kitchen and cooking amongst nature is the 'where' part. Like many campers, we dislike it when the weather elements interfere with our fire or stove. So to make sure you have enough support and protection when firing up the kitchen for meals, make sure you set up on stable ground. We proposed a gas stove atop a table and fitted with a windshield. Pancakes for breakfast, anyone? Don't forget your frypan.

  • Create the outdoor bathroom ensuite
The ultimate outdoor bathroom is what separates glamping from your basic camping experience. You don't have to compromise your hygiene to have a perfect weekend in the outdoors. The best way to create a functional, practical and versatile bathroom without decreasing your space is by keeping one operative word in mind – portable. Depending on your personal preference and the space you're working with, you can create a roof with a gazebo or awning, use a wall kit or tarp for privacy and deck out the interior with your favourite shower essentials. Another alternative we like to work with is a basic pop-up ensuite that's easy to set up and move around.