Space-saving tips for camping
Whether you're an avid camper or a first-timer, everyone loves a space-saving hack! Packing, in general, can be quite overwhelming, but a camping trip is a whole new game. Before you know it, you'll have your car so packed to the brim that you'll start wondering if the kids will even fit! So to help you become a packing pro, we've put together a list of our top space savings hacks so you can get it right from the get-go.
  • Pack clothes military style

Who would've thought folding your clothes in a different way would make any difference to space? Well, it does. A handy trick for any travelling you may do is to embrace military folding techniques. Fold your clothes in half, choose one end and start rolling them really tight. Once you do every item, they will neatly fit into your suitcase, Travel Duffle Bag or backpack, whilst maximising space.

  • Use foldable and collapsible storage
Nobody likes unnecessary bulky items hanging around, especially when they're not in use. So the best way to avoid any trip hazards or the feeling that you're a camping hoarder is to choose collapsible storage options. For example, try including foldable pantry options in the kitchen, an easy to pop up shelf cupboard or collapsible water carriers.
  • Use a stretcher for extra storage.​

Most campers tend to place their sleeping bag or inflatable mattress directly on the floor. A great idea though for extra storage space is to use an easy to fold stretcher. With the added space between your mattress and the ground, you're able to store bulky items underneath it and ensure they are kept out of the way.

  • Use sandwich bags

Sandwich bags are more than meets the eye… they're great utensil and seasoning holders. As sandwich bags are made out of plastic, they can easily mould into their surroundings without breaking, bulking and getting in the way.

  • Map out your cooler
Think of your cooler as a game of Tetris. Think about your food and drinks and start placing them inside based on their size and dimensions. If they all align, space will be maximised and you will have enough room for all the necessities.
  • Choose your tent wisely.​

When it comes to your sleeping arrangements, everyone likes to have a little personal space. Once you take into consideration the number of people sharing a tent and their belongings, it can get a little tight. If you have four people sharing a tent, we recommend choosing a tent that fits six to maximise the space and convenience for all travellers.

  • Create your own lantern

If you have a lantern or you've used one before, you'll know they can be very clunky items. So one way to avoid bringing one along on your camping trip is with a DIY lamp. Placing a small LED light or head torch underneath a white plastic bottle will create a soft light outside or inside your tent.