How to exercise during camping?

When you head out on vacation, you may think that your regular exercise routine has to take a break, too. But according to campers a camping getaway can actually be a great place for a fun workout.How to Exercise in Phoenix While Also Social Distancing | UrbanMatter  Phoenix

  • “Exercise is really anything that gets your heart rate elevated,” campers said. “It's doing a little work to open up those channels. Going walking or hiking, for a bike ride—even taking your kids to the playground will give you great exercise.”
  • According to campers, exercise has a cumulative effect. Do 10 minutes in the morning, and five minutes here or there adds up during the day.
  • “Your body doesn't know the difference," campers said. "It's burning the calories and doing the work. I encourage everyone to work on intensity—10 minutes of jumping rope burns the same amount of calories as 60 minutes of jogging.”
  • “When you're traveling, yoga and stretching are really good for you,” campers said. “Muscles you don’t use atrophy. If you're sitting in a car and driving for hours, need to be stretched to get the blood flowing again.”

We also asked campers on Facebook how they liked to get in workouts. Here's are a few of their suggestions:

  • “I play with the dogs and run after my daughter! ”
  • “Use the pool—love to swim. [We} walk too—love to check out everyone's camp sites. ”
  • “Walk and ride bikes. We have these foldable ones that store easily in the bed of the truck. ”
  • "I walk. I use it as an excuse to check out other people's campers and sites. "
Do you have a great, family-friendly tip to help get in an extra dose of exercise when you're camping? Share it with us.