5 ways to save money on every camping trip

Whether you’re on a tight budget, or just want to use your money for stuff you love to do (like camping), you’re probably always in the mood to save a little cash.Murrumbidgee Valley campgrounds | NSW National Parks

We asked campers some of their favorite tips for saving money, and these are the top five responses:

1) On-Site Cooking:

Cooking and barbecuing at the campsite, rather than dining in local restaurants, is a great money saver. To boost savings even more, buy items on sale and then freeze them to use when you’re camping later in the year. Use traditional grocery items and plan meals that uses food for more than one dish, like meats and veggies that can be used both in foil dinners and stews. Another great idea is to invite friends and family members who are camping with you to prepare meals pot-luck style. The more the merrier!

2) Where There’s Smoke…

Campers opt to take wood from home with them, as do several other campers.

3) Bring It With You:

While you’re at your favorite campground, gas stations, convenience stores and other stops along your route can take a bite out of your budget.

“Tourist shops and roadside shops can break you in no time. Seems like even when you expect it and plan for it, when you wind up having to purchase just a few little things that you forgot it drains your budget.” That’s why he makes sure to stock up on batteries and other essentials before hitting the road.

“You take a couple of days to prepare a list of everything you might need. " “It saves you from having to buy at the last minute. That way, your cash is spent on souvenirs not toothpaste.”

Opting for reusable plastic dishes brought from home are also,“good for the pocket and the environment! ”

4) Inexpensive Activities:

When heads out camping, you can take full advantage of the activities at the campground as a way to save money, rather than seeking out expensive pastimes. We learn as much as we can on our trips then enjoy the facilities at the campgrounds.”

Do you have some great cash saving techniques you’d like to share? Please tell us more.