How to maintain your camping bedding?

Your camp bedding is arguably one of the most important pieces of gear in your kit. There's nothing worse than a rough night's sleep, right? Keeping your mattress fresh helps in maintaining comfort and extending its life. This will ensure that the nights you spend curled up under the stairs will be memorable.

  • For best performance, store the mat flat with the valve open. This will maintain the foam's fully expanded potential, and will also allow any moisture trapped in the interior to escape. If your mat must be stored in a rolled state, inflate the mat as frequently as is reasonable to prevent the foam from developing a compressed state "memory".
  • If your mat is accidentally punctured, repair with the included adhesive or use a high-quality, flexible, urethane adhesive.
  • To avoid mildew, never store your mat in a damp or wet environment and always ensure it is completely dry before storing.
  • To clean your mat, use mild soap and warm water. Be sure to close the valve when cleaning to avoid getting any water into the mat. Let the mat air dry. Never place your mat in a washing machine or dryer.
  • Keep your mat away from any open flames, sparks, embers, hot camp stoves, lanterns or other high heat sources.
  • Avoid using your mat on sharp or abrasive surfaces.
  • Do not use an air pump to over-inflate the mat as it may cause irreparable damage.
  • Wipe down all surfaces with freshwater after use.
  • Use a soft brush or sponge to remove marks with freshwater and mild detergent only. Rinse with fresh clean water. Allow to dry thoroughly. Never pack away damp, dirty or wet.
  • Store in a storage bag.