Our Trip Need Adventure Music

"Music is the soundtrack of our lives." So, it only makes sense that when we're enjoying the best of what life has to offer, from hiking to camping and enjoying time with friends, the right music makes all the difference.

But, what is on your playlist for the next outdoor adventure? Up the ante with one of our playlists, and add some of your epic adventure tunes, too.

  • Hiking

Though many consider the sounds of nature to be better than any music you could put on, sometimes a longer hike is more enjoyable with the right music.

  • Camping

Camping is an amazing experience. Other than a campfire, however, music is crucial to setting the mood for a great weekend. If you're road tripping to the campground, roll the windows down and give this playlist a try.

Camping is about getting away from technology, your day-to-day hustle, and the noise of cars driving by; and camping music often reflects that feeling.

  • Surfing

Any surfer will tell you that being away from the mainland, and riding waves as they come barreling in, is an experience that requires just the right feel. Get in the surfing frame of mind with relaxing music.

  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding
Similar to surfing, paddleboarding is about enjoying a long day on the waves. With the sun high in the sky and clear blue water all around you, upbeat, pop tunes are just what you'll need.
  • Mountain Biking

With nothing but you, the trail and your bike, adrenaline is pumping. The right music makes rocks, roots and drops even more exhilarating, as you dodge between trees and around boulders. An upbeat tempo and hard rock sound is all you need to take it to the next level.

  • Trail Running

The right beat is all you need, as you cruise through a trail run. DJ mixes and the upbeat classic, Eye of the Tiger, will push you up the hill and around the next corner with intensity.