How to Plan the Perfect Picnic?
picnic is a fun way to spend time with the people you care about, or want to get to know better, and it makes a great impression depending on how creative you get. Planning the perfect picnic doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these simple tips to make the outing go as smoothly as possible!
  • Find a great location
Finding the perfect location is a key part of planning the perfect picnic. You need to find a spot that won’t be too warm or cold. A shade tree can go a long way. Take the weather into careful consideration as well. Be sure to check again the day of, as predictions always change. You also want a spot that won’t be too crowded, especially if you want a romantic giveaway.
  • Consider your guests
Are you having a special night with a loved one? Want to plan a fun day with the kids? Planning a bigger event with extended family or friends? Make sure you are taking all of their needs and tastes into consideration. You’ll want games or toys for little ones, and tables and chairs for a bigger group. Perhaps a little music for your significant other would be a nice touch.
  • Plan your menu
Find foods that don’t spoil easily and are easy to transport. If you bring sandwiches, pack all of your condiments separately to keep your sandwich contents fresh. If you want a romantic evening, consider something a little more refined on the menu. Wine with cheese, crackers, fruit, and chocolate is a great option if the goal isn’t to enjoy a full meal.
  • Bring all the extra necessities
You need more than food for a great picnic. Make sure you bring something to serve your food on and with, as well as plenty of napkins. Don’t forget a bag for your trash. If your picnic is a daytime event, bring sunscreen and insect repellent, and maybe extra sunglasses or a parasol. Nighttime adventures may need a lightweight sweater or blanket to snuggle into when the sun goes down.
  • Set the scene
A large, soft blanket is de rigeur for a picnic of any kind, but consider one that is actually designed for outdoor use with a waterproof underside. An open flame in the outdoors is risky, but there is a wide array of battery-operated candles and string lights that can be placed around your blanket for ambience in an evening affair. Fresh flowers serve not only as a token of affection, but will add a sweet smell to your picnic as well.