6 Tips for Camper Travel

Van life is all the buzz right now. With the ability to work remotely, travel lust at an all-time high. Individuals and families have the ability to live a less stressful life, while on the road. Unfortunately, due to financial, job, or location constraints, some will not be able to dive headfirst into this lifestyle. Although, many can get a taste of this life by spending a week or two living the camper van lifestyle.

Traveling this way offers newfound freedom that wasn’t available at this scale decades ago. It allows outdoor enthusiasts to connect with nature and explore uniquely. Additionally, it provides a more economical approach to travel by avoiding expensive hotels and, in some cases, never having to pay campground fees either! Traveling in a camper van separates you from the world and allows you to settle into a less frantic life.

With so many new people entering this lifestyle, here are some of my top camper van tips.

  • Understand Van Camping Rules
The last thing you want a camping trip to involve is an illegal parking or camping ticket. This will take the vibes of the journey from 100 to zero real fast. Due to this, research beforehand the camping rules of the region. In short, if it doesn’t say “No Camping,” you’re free to camp.
  • Leave No Trace
Just like camping or hiking, your ultimate goal is to leave your campsite as you found it. While tire tracks are one area you can’t control, there are many you can. Remember to dispose of food waste appropriately and pack out what you packed in. Even if it’s one small food piece or parcel of trash, if everyone did this, your pristine campsite will turn into a trash site over time. This will also help protect you from bears and other animals.
  • Don’t Treat This Like Any Other Road Trip

When you have access to a camper van — act like it! Drive away from civilization. Sleep somewhere that you might not camp. Live the camper van life to the fullest. The beauty of having a camper van is being able to stop at nearly any location, crack a cold one, make food, and then head to bed.

  • Keep Gear Organized

This is crucial. During your first night, you’re going to want to throw things into the corner and go to bed. Resist this urge! Staying organized is the biggest tip I can offer here. Considering you’re new to traveling in a camper van, you probably don’t have a great grasp on where everything is. If you then disperse it throughout the van, you won’t have any idea where necessary items are by day two or three. Find a process that works for you when you make meals, drive, and go to bed — doing this makes each day a bit easier!

  • Be Flexible
Keep your plans fluid. That’s one of the luxuries of the camper van. If you stumble upon an incredible place, there’s no need to leave if you don’t want to. Additionally, I wouldn’t necessarily block out your days in segments, but try to list a few places you’d like to go. Taking this approach will keep the urgency down and won’t make you feel like you have to keep going.
  • Keep in Mind Cell Coverage or Wi-Fi Locations

Not all camper van life is purely vacation. Many people may use one to get away from the city life but still need to work and be connected. This is valid. Most major cell companies have coverage maps available on their websites that show where you can have service. With unlimited data plans available, working via your phone’s mobile hotspot is an incredibly freeing ability while not going completely off the grid. So before you head out, check where you’ll have service and where free Wi-Fi may be available. If you can score one or both, you’ve hit the jackpot!