Rooftop Tents:Advantages and Disadvantages
Rooftop tents hold a few advantages over conventional ground tents. There are, however, a few disadvantages to consider.
There was a time when a tent was just a pole or frame and a piece of fabric. That time is long gone. Your tent doesn’t even have to be directly on the ground anymore! With the invention of rooftop tents in the 1930s, camping was changed forever. As you know, rooftop tents are similar to traditional tents, but with one key difference: the former can be fixed to the roofs of vehicles (hence the name), while the latter are usually only made to be fixed to the ground.Rooftop tents vs. ground tents - Tracks4Africa Blog
  • Rooftop tents offer many advantages over other tent types. The biggest advantage is the design: your tent is off the ground, which can help keep it safer and drier than a ground-based setup. By camping on the roof of your vehicle, you can avoid the most dangerous animals (both big and small) and you won’t have to worry about moisture seeping into your tent through the base. The height offers another advantage that you might not immediately think of – a better view. A little height can add a lot of value to your camping experience. You can also camp anywhere, as long as you can park your vehicle there. Because most rooftop tents were designed to stay on the roof, they are often transported in that manner as well.
  • The biggest advantage of rooftop tents may also be the biggest disadvantage: your tent’s elevation also means that it will experience more wind resistance, which means that very strong winds can cause damage. Make sure to park in an area where you are protected from the worst winds or park your vehicle in a way that will decrease the wind resistance in your tent. Luckily, rooftop tents are designed to withstand wind.
When your transport and lodging are one and the same, you can see the world and save a lot of money in the process. A luxury hotel stay can be an experience on its own, but it’s not necessarily feasible in the post-COVID economy.
Your next camping adventure can make both the destination and the journey exciting. Rooftop camping makes it all possible.