What to do when an emergency occurs during camping?
As the saying goes, hope for the best, play for the worst.  Tomorrow and accidents do not know who will come first, so we must be fully prepared to remain unchanged and respond to changes. We can learn from the following aspects of how we should solve the problem in the face of emergency:

First, you can leave your trip plan with your family and friends traveling with you,so they know emergency numbers for the park. This way, they can make contact in an emergency situation. Put together a travel itinerary that you can leave with your emergency contact. Your travel itinerary should provide the following information:
  • Names and contact information of people in your group
  • A description of your vehicle or boat, including the make, model, and license plate
  • Your starting time and location
  • The details of your route and your planned activities
  • What types of equipment and supplies you have with you
  • Your expected finish time and location
  • The park's emergency phone number to call if you do not return on schedule

Second, you can develop an emergency plan, prepare for the unexpected. If someone gets injured, provide a safe and comfortable place for the injured person to sit or lie down. If someone is lost, call 911 and tell the operator. Have this key information handy:

  • Your current location
  • The type and extent of the injury
  • Any medical conditions the injured person may have

Last but not least, we must learn to protect ourselves when we are camping out. Improve self-vigilance and put safety first. If group members are lost, take these steps immediately:

  • Call 911 and tell the operator
  • When and where they were last seen
  • What they were wearing and carrying
  • Any medical conditions they may have