Before the trip——camping saftly

Before every camping, the most important thing we should pay attention to is safety. Safety is the biggest thing. Going camping on the premise of ensuring your own safety is the right way. What we need to know is that the real purpose of camping is to relax and stay happy.  The following is about safety precautions before camping:

  • Know your limits

We can go camping in different ways.
Some families love to watch birds and take easy hikes around a lake. Other groups may seek adventure whitewater rafting or climbing high mountains. Do what's right for you! You don't want to push yourself or your group members to hike, climb, or explore beyond their physical abilities—that's when injuries are more likely to occur.
After knowing your limits, then go have some fun!

  • Learn to plan

Have a backup plan. Sometimes, even when you have planned every detail and taken every precaution, things happen out of your control to change your trip plans. Be it health issues, weather concerns, environmental hazards, or site conditions, do not push through with your original plans if they are no longer a safe course of action. You can always reschedule or plan an alternative activity at the park if these types of situations come up.


  • Know the rules and regulations of the park

Before setting out on your trip, take a look at the “Plan Your Visit” section on the park's website. If you want to camp with a pet, check park regulations first. Or if you want to camp with fire, you should know where fires are allowed and when you can have a fire. Another, check your park's regulations on how to properly store and dispose of food. Some may require you to bring a bear box or bag, especially in the backcountry where facilities are more sparse.