Where can I go camp?

You can camp in a variety of places, from the backcountry wilderness of a national park to your own backyard. However, due to the recent epidemic, the best way to camp for safety is to camp in your own backyard. There are a few benefits to camping in your backyard:

The home is beside

The familiar setting and security of the backdoor lit at night is the perfect testing ground to introduce sleeping under the stars, especially to kids. If the weather is bad outside, the kids are too afraid of the dark, or you need to dash to the bathroom, your house is right there.


Most children camp for the first time in their backyard.For children, it's like camping in the memory, and it can also evoke children's memories.

The testing ground
If you want to know how to make a delicious meal while camping, and accumulate experience. Then you can start to try from your own backyard, and make sufficient preparations for going out camping in the future.