What you need to know to buy a tent?

A tent not only protects you from the elements, it becomes your home away from home and helps form years of outdoor memories. On the flip side, sleeping in a tent that doesn't suit your camping style or environment could cause you to have an unpleasant experience – one you wish you could forget.

To avoid ending up with a tent that's not the right fit for you, consider the following tips before making a purchase.

  • The number of people using it

When choosing which size tent to go for, try to remember how much space you will take up with your bedding, bags and any gear you want to store inside. While a 4P tent may seem big enough for three people when empty, it may not leave much room to breathe once you've set up.

  • The conditions of use

Some tents are better suited to different environments, so it's important to know where you plan on using it the most. Snow? Outback or local?

  • The weight, size & ease of use

Consider this: Will you need to carry your tent far from the car and if so, can you do it alone if need be? Will it fit in or on your car's rooftop when travelling? Ease of use is also imperative if you don't want to spend hours setting up.

  • Material, ventilation & flooring

All-season tents will have optimal ventilation, a polyester or nylon inner (waterproof) and an outer fly that covers your entire shelter including windows and doors, providing maximum protection. Bucket flooring also helps prevent water from entering the tent through the seals if you are hit with unexpected bad weather.

  • Additional features

Multiple doors, large awnings and windows, power port holes, integrated lighting or storage pockets, there are a number of additional features that could make your camping experience more enjoyable. Think about what style camper you are (glamper, standard or more of the roughin' it type?) as these little extras could potentially make or break your outdoor holiday.