This is how you should choose a camping chair
If you are in the market for a new camp chair and haven't bought one in awhile or are a first time buyer, you may be surprised to see just how many ranges there are to choose from. Gone are the days where there is one style of folding chair for every occasion!
The many options allow us to really get into the specifics of our individual needs. Before choosing a chair, consider these things...
Where will you be using the chair the most (beach, on hot or cold days, in the backyard, camping?) and how often will you use it?
How comfortable and convenient would you like it to be (extra padding, side table or integrated cooler?)
Who will be using it (persons height or build?)
Storage and transport (portability and weight?)
Once you have a rough idea in your head of how you'd like your chair to perform, it's time to go shopping! Here we take a closer look at our ranges to help narrow down which chair might be the right one for you.
  • Quad
Quad or Action Chairs are commonly known as 'classic' camp chairs. These folding chairs generally offer basic features, are quick and easy to set up and pack down and have a great balance of comfort and packability. Chairs like the Big Boy and Cooler prove to be top sellers.
  • RV Series
For the traveller who likes to spend months at a time on the road, the RV Series focuses on function, comfort and rugged construction. These chairs feature a heavy duty steel frame which makes them slightly heavier to carry, but their high padded backrest creates a very comfortable seat. The weight capacity of the RV series ranges from 150kg to 200kg, so if you are after a sturdy, strong chair, these are for you.
  • Recliner/Lounge
Are you someone who likes to have an afternoon nap in their chair? A lounge or recliner might be the perfect chair for you. While both ranges provide the ultimate lazy chairs, there are a few small differences to keep in mind. Recliners tend to be lighter and feature a compact, fold flat design for easy storage while Sun Lounges have a heavier frame, an adjustable footrest and tend to have a higher denier polyester.
  • Directors
Strong, sturdy and gives you support when you need it. Directors Chairs are shorter in height, making them an ideal chair to have at the camp dining table. These chairs generally come with side tables and have a fold flat design.
  • Monsta/Moon
Big on size and fun, our range of Monsta and Moon Chairs are arguably the most comfortable camp chairs of all time. Whether you like to curl up around the campfire with a loved one or prefer to stretch out alone, these oversized chairs are bound to leave fellow campers envious of your set up.