What's Yurt Camping Like?

Yurt camping can be compared to tent camping with just the basic structure. You may find them fully furnished, like staying in a cabin, hence the name glamping.

Yurts withstand all types of weather, making camping in any season more enjoyable. Whether in driving rain, freezing snow, and scorching heat, a yurt can protect you from the elements.21 Amazing Oregon Coast Yurts- Oregon is for Adventure

Yurt sizes can range from the basic 12 ft in diameter to a whopping 30 ft. Some come outfitted with two stories and can be up to 16 ft tall. Depending on the size and number of beds, most yurts will sleep anywhere between eight to 15 people.

Most are reserved for private groups, while others are open to the general public. This means they may sell beds per person per night to anyone finding an open spot, similar to a hostel. You may have never considered bunking with strangers, but this could be a great way to make new friends.Creature Comforts: Cozy Yurt Camping in California

Many yurts meant for glamping will have running water, electricity, and a full bathroom, including a shower. Some might have the added amenities of a microwave or toaster oven or even air conditioning and heat. You may find one with a full wrap-around deck made just for you and your morning cup of coffee.

Some yurts may have none of that. They might have a bedding structure and a couple of tables and chairs, and that’s it. You may need to carry in your water or melt and boil it from the snow or rivers outside. The heat may come from a wood-burning stove, and the bathroom facilities might just be an outhouse in another building down the path.

Most yurts, however, will have something in between. You’ll often find beds ready for your sleeping bags, wood-burning stoves, and pre-cut wood. It may have a full kitchen, possibly including running water and even utensils. Yurts in remote locations will probably have an outhouse, while others less remote will have a community bathroom nearby.

Not all yurts will have running water or electricity, but all will give you a unique camping experience.